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+7 902 253 8888
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Travel Company «ELITA Travel»

Who we are

Our company is International Tourism and Business Center «ELITA Travel».

The company was established in 1997 and it has a reputation of a reliable touroperator serving tourists in Ural region.
With high professionalism we shell offer hotels reserve flights and railway tickets, arrange coach tours, offer for your choice entertaining, excursions, sports and education programs, support your communications with local companies and assist in visa registration.

What we do

We can offer all the services in the organization of participation in the Exhibition: the help in registration,
entry visa reception, support by the English-speaking guides, booking of hotels, transfers,
aviatickets, entrance tickets for the exhibition, and also one-day excursion services.

We also can offer our help in booking of hotels, transfers, aviatickets, support by the English-
speaking guides, and excursion services.

We offer the organisation of following actions in Ekaterinburg:

  • Corporate Meetings and Celebrations
  • Scientific and business meetings

  • Conventions

  • Motivational Programs

  • Activity Tours

  • Presentations of your services for potential partners in Ekaterinburg

We can provide everything your event needs in Ekaterinburg and on Ural – from creative
solutions and organised social programmes, to travel and accommodation arrangements:

  • booking of hotels of any class;
  • registration of invitations to the visa;
  • booking flights and railwaytickets, transfer services;
  • the organisation of the excursion and entertaining program;
  • granting of a translation service and the guide;
  • granting of services for the VIP of clients,

and also the direct control over carrying out of action and an estimation of its results.

With hope for further cooperation.
N.V. Oborina