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Russia. The Urals. Ekaterinburg

 Russia is one of the world’s largest countries running for thousands of kilometers, located in seven time belts and two continents. The culture of this country combines Western and Oriental traditions. Visiting Russia and its places of interest enables one to learn about our country’s history, traditions and hospitable people. Apart from monuments, palaces and churches, you will be able to see the new Russia with its modern architecture, comfortable hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs.  

Nowadays, Ekaterinburg is rightly called ‘Russia’s third capital’, and there are certain areas in which the city is second to Moscow only. The unique position of Ekaterinburg at the border line between Europe and Asia, coupled with the cultural life and rich history, makes the city an interesting tourist center. The scientific and business tourism is particularly on the rise due to local presence of various diplomatic missions and representative offices of foreign companies.  

Today, as the capacity of Koltsovo International Airport increases, Ekaterinburg turns into a major transport hub connecting Europe and Asia.

The city houses regularly major economic and political events. One of the latest examples was the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that took place in June 2009.  

The Ekaterinburg Convention Bureau

Elita-Travel cooperates on a regular basis with the Ekaterinburg Convention Bureau. This cooperation is aimed at establishing effective interaction between all the participants of the meeting industry. This business alliance will help you arrange events at the topmost level.

The Non-Profit Organization ‘Marketing Center ‘Ekaterinburg Convention Bureau’ has been specially formed with the support of the City Administration of Ekaterinburg in order to assist organizers of conferences and other business meetings in arranging and holding their events in Ekaterinburg. Among the founders of the Convention Bureau there are the city’s major companies operating in various sectors of the meeting market.  

In the Convention Bureau, the following information is available:

    - regarding professional conference facilities in accordance with the requirements of your event  
    - regarding professional conference organizers (PCO) in Ekaterinburg  
    - regarding hotels in Ekaterinburg for accommodation participants of your event 
    - regarding associated service providers (tourism, transportation, event-related logistics, etc.)  

    Also, you will be able to: 
     - arrange tenders for provision of services related to conference organization and support  
     - receive assistance in cooperating with the government authorities of various levels

The Convention Bureau has the status of Ekaterinburg’s official representative in the international meeting market, as defined by the City Administration. 

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