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Rest in Ural

Yekaterinburg – the acknowledged center of the Urals.

     The place for the would-be city was found on the banks of the Iset River by Vasily Tatishchev, the Head of Mining Works. The unprecedented position of the city was further strengthened by its new glory as Yekaterinburg became a capital of the gold, gems and jewels, a kind of Russian «Eldorado». The Ural’s gold made Russia one of the most prominent gold-mining countries in the world.
The «Golden Age» (first half of the 19th century) drastically changed the city’s appearance: many gorgeous mansions, palaces and other buildings with exquisite facade and interior were erected at the time.
However, during the Civil War in the beginning of 20th century, the city’s economy was seriously damaged: the works and factories were closed. July 1918 saw the murder of the family of the last Russian Emperor. This act of atrocity took place in the so-called Ipatyev’s house on Vosnesenskaya Gorka (the Ascension Hill).


     Neviansk, situated near Nizhniy Tagil, was the first base of the Demidov family’s industrial works and the first city to grow up around the plant. It is famous for it’s landmark «Falling Tower» it should also be mentioned that Neviansk was one of the largest centers of old-believers of the Orthodox faith.


   Verkhotooriye was one of the main points on the first road, known as Babinov^s Road, to Siberia. 300 years ago it was impotant as a Customs collection point, and each merchant crossing the Urals paid taxes to the Head of the City, the voivoda. Verkhotooriye is recognized as religious center, and is known for it’s cathedral, it’s monastery, Kremlin wall, and for the burial site of St. Simeon.

Nijniaya Siniachikha

Nijniaya Siniachikha - Wooden art
     Between 1794 and 1824, talented archtects and artisans designed and constructed the Spaso-Preobrajenskaya church, perhaps one of the finest examples of religious structures in the Urals. Starting in 1979, wonderful Ural wooden structures, including churches, mills, barns, a sentry tower and a fireman,s tower, and rural log huts were carefully transported from other parts of the region to sites around the church. What has been created in NijniayaSiniacheekha, as a result of this effort, is a virtual show-piece of national creativity, displaying
genuine «pearls of national art» of the Urals.



Urals nature
The seven huge single rocks of Man-Poopy-Nior
Mount Sabliya, Subarctic Urals
   Irbit  was founded in 1631. In 1643 Irbit’s fair has been opened. At fair the European, Asian and Siberian goods were on sale. In XIX century on volume of monetary turns Irbit's fair was the second in Russia after Nizhniy Novgorod. By quantity of monuments of history and architecture according to for 2001 to Irbit, except for Ekaterinburg, was not equal in the field of.
     The central part of city represents reserve of city provincial architecture of second half XIX – the beginnings of XX centuries. Here is rare in the world a museum of motorcycles, pass bike-meetings. The artefacts left by ancestors of present Finns, Hungarians are found in vicinities khants, manci, lived here in V-XIII centuries.

    The region abounds with crystal pure lakes, as well as salty lakes. The landscape of the Urals crosses several zones, from steppes in the south, passing into the wild taiga (Siberian forest) in the center and finishing with the wonderful tundra in the subpolar North. The wildlife of the Urals also is very rich and abundant, with bear, sheep, elk, fox and rabbits, and is home to a great number of fur animals and a large variety of migratory bird species. The Ural region is rich with handicrafts. It is famous for both tray painting, and utensils made from birch; for welding, molding and stamping of metals; and certainly, its know from ancient ages for art of stone and mammoth ivory sculpture.
        The natural sites of the Urals certainly include such places as the seven huge single rocks of Man-Poopy-Nior; the rich Kedr forests; and the internationally famous Kungur Ice Cave. One can hear national songs; take part in Ural dances; choose local Ural or Russian national dishes; eat wild berries which grow only in our region; learn to distinguish edible mushrooms and make dishes from them with your own hands; inhale the aroma of  bagoolnik; and see the beauty of  a boundless carpet of tundra in the North.
     The multiple offering of  activities from which you have to choose includes triple-horse (troika) rides; the characteristically-Ural dog team rides; and reindeer rides in the North. In the South there are horseback riding trails and jeep-safari excursions. Also available are cross-country vehicle rides in the tundra and helicopter flights above the taiga and tundra; mountain climbing and river rafting; wind and yachting; river cruises; fishing in silent, undisturbed locations, and hunting bear and wolves in the taiga.
       In addition to all of this, there is the chance to try your own hand at making  a jug, or painting a tray, or weaving utensils from birch bark (tooyas) or making footwear from linden bark (lapti). Moreover, you`ll have the opportunity to have a unigue photo of yourself taken on the continents` border, standing with one foot in Europe, and the other in Asia. Welcome to the land located in the most ancient mountains, a place where both cultures and histories of Europe and Asia converge. 


«A ring of Ural + Moscow»

  • 1 day: the Arrival to Moscow. A sightseeing tour. Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin, the Armory Museum and Diamond Fund.
  • 2 day: Excursion in Arkhangelsk and State Tretiyakov`s gallery.
  • 3 day: the Arrival to Ekaterinburg. Accommodation in hotel. A sightseeing tour with visiting «Temple-on-blood», the Study of local lore Museum, a viewing platform - a kind on city from height of the bird's flight. A free time.
  • 4 day: Excursion in with. Sinyachikha bottom «5 centuries for one day». Excursion allows to see for one day, than there lived Russian in Urals Mountains all 500 years from occurrence first factories and settlements up to now.
  • 5 day: Excursion of «Secret of the ground of fogs». Visiting Sysert, P.P.Bazhova's houses-museums, acquaintance to nursery of birds of prey «Kholzan», show «Falconry». Lake of Talcs a stone.   
  • 6 day: Excursion in the spiritual center of Urals Mountains Verkhoturie. 
  • 7 day: A free time. Departure hotel.

«The big travel across Ural»

  • 1 day: The Arrival to Ekaterinburg. Accommodation in hotel. A sightseeing tour. Visiting of the Mineralogical Museum. Travel on Literary quarter. Excursion on border of the Europe - Asia. A free time.
  • 2 day: Excursion on «Ganin Yama» with visiting «the Temple on blood» and a man's monastery.
  • 3 day: Excursion in Neviansk with visiting neviansk's inclined a tower 18 in, a study of local lore museum. In village Tavolgi, in a private potter's workshop - the master - a class of a clay moulding.
  • 4 day: Excursion in village Koptelovo «As lived earlier in Russia». Visiting of the Museum of agriculture and a life of peasants, pavilion of national crafts, log huts of woman Katya, рубленной one axe, without a nail`s 300 years ago. And also performance of national ensemble and driving on sharaban on village.
  • 5 day: Excursion to Irbit with visiting a study of local lore museum, a museum from and rare in the world of a museum of motorcycles.
  • 6 day: Excursion to Kungur with visiting Kunger ice cave (the largest plaster cave of Urals Mountains, the sixth in the world on extent (5600 among caves of a plaster karst), the Piously-Nikolaev temple.
  • 7 day:  A free time. Departure hotel.

Yekaterinburg - Museum of the stone

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