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We can offer to visitors of the Ural region a very interesting program of sightseeing tours including historical and natural attractions of our province and of the city of Ekaterinburg.

«Sightseeing Tour around Ekaterinburg»

The tour around Ekaterinburg’s historical places of interest: in Historical Park, along the granite embankment of the picturesque city pond. You will see the city’s main square with the monument of Lenin, the leader of the Soviet Russia, and visit the places connected with Boris Yeltsin, the first president of Russia.

«The Europe-Asia Border»

The border between the two parts of the world is a geographically unique place, located seventeen kilometers away from the city. Here, it will only take you a step to get to Asia from Europe and back. 


 Nevyansk was the capital of the famous empire of the Demidovs, the first factory owners in the Urals. You will visit the 18th century leaning tower (it is similar to the famous tower in Pisa) and discover the Russian history secrets: whether coins used to be forged, and gold used to be mined illegally in Siberia.


«The Last Days of the Romanovs»

Ganina Yama (Ganina Pit) is an area seventeen kilometers away from Ekaterinburg, a deserted copper mine. In summer of 1918, one of its shafts was used to secretly bury the remains of the last Russian emperor’s family. On May 29, 1979, the burial was discovered by geologists. A monastery dedicated to the Holy Royal Passion Bearers has been built here.


«The Urals’ Mineralogical Wealth» 

The Ural region has always been famous for its natural riches. Malachite, jasper, serpentine, mountain crystal – there are so many jewels which the Ural craftsmen turn into real works of art. In Ekaterinburg you will be able to visit a number of museums, where the region’s mineralogical wealth is presented in full.

«The Architecture of Ekaterinburg»

Ekaterinburg is a unique city from the architectural point of view. Here, there is a unique combination of the 19th century buildings, the constructivism heritage of the Soviet era, and the vivid architecture of a modern megapolis.

«Ekaterinburg – Home to Great People»

A lot of great people were born in the Urals. Pavel Bazhov, the well-known Russian fairy tale author, and writer Dmitri Mamin-Sibiryak lived and worked here. And it is in this region that Alexander Popov, the inventor of radio, and Boris Yeltsin, the first president of Russia, were born. 
Ekaterinburg is often nicknamed ‘the cradle of the Russian rock music’: the artistic career of such famous Russian rock groups as Chaif, Nautilus Pompilius and Agatha Christie started here.

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