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MICE in Europe with Elita-Travel

Many European countries, including Turkey, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, etc., have a lot of experience regarding corporate event arrangements that may combine a full-scale business event with a rich program of tours and entertainment. 

These countries are good for holidays as well as for business. They could be a good platform for your business, and you could find reliable partners there.  

Europe knows very well what business is all about. The rapidly developing countries offer excellent opportunities to all people of business. Cosy hotel rooms will become offices, and conference rooms will see the most brilliant presentation of your business.  

Of course you will not forget to take a rest. What could be a better way to relax than strolling around Gaudi Park in Barcelona after a business meeting, or enjoying a bird’s eye view of Istanbul after signing a multi-million contract?! And these opportunities are open for you in the European countries! 

Elita-Travel offers to arrange business trips for you.  

For big groups (200 persons or more): 

  •   Turkey (Istanbul) 
  •   Turkey (Mediterranean area) 
  •   The CIS countries and Sochi

For small groups (15 - 75 persons): 

  •   Spain (Madrid, Barcelona) 
  •   Italy (Rome, Milano) 
  •   Czech Republic (Praha, Karlovy-Vary) 
  •   Greece (Athens, Saloniki, Crete and Rhodes Islands)

Just choose a country, and Elita-Travel will take care of any issues regarding the business trip of your dream!

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